Candle beeswax blessed

The blessing of candles : February 2nd

The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple or the Purification is commonly called Candlemas because the Mass is preceded by a solemn blessing of candles, designated formerly under the generic name of candles and these candles are lit and carried in procession to represent the journey of the Blessed Virgin and St. Joseph bringing Jesus to the temple, their light alludes to the words of old Simeon calling Jesus the Light of nations

During the first prayer the priest asks God to "bless and sanctify the candles, for use by men, for the health of body and soul, on land and sea".


An object which was blessed and that is sold, automatically loses the blessing that has been made.

Therefore in this case to make an offering

Ecstasy of 20th September 1880

The Flame says :

“There will be two days of awful darkness, different from those announced. The whole sky will be violet and red, so low that the tops of big trees won’t be visible. These two days will serve as a warning to you, and be like a proof of His goodness to you, as well as proof of the imminence of God’s anger on earth.

“You will not be spared this darkness.

To remain strong when faced with all these signs, holy water will be a strength and a consolation, as well as blessed candles – but made of wax. All those made of another material will be of no use.

“There will be three days of physical darkness. During three nights and two days, there will be a continual night. Only blessed wax candles will give light in this horrible darkness : one will be enough for the three days but, in the houses of the impious, they will give out no light. Flashes of lightning will enter your homes, but they will not put out the candles : neither wind nor storms will be able to put them out.”

“My children, says the Blessed Virgin, note well what I tell you. …During those days of mourning, there will be a new earthquake, not as strong as a lot of other ones in many other places. It will be easy to recognise it : everything will tremble, except the piece of furniture, where the lit wax candle is on. You will gather around it, with the Crucifix and my blessed image. During those days, this is what will keep fear away from you, which will be the cause of many deaths”.

“Here is a proof of my goodness : to those who will have served me well and invoked me well, and will have kept my holy image in their house, I will watch over all their possessions and none of them will be damaged.

“During those three days, I will protect their hungry beasts. I will mind them because it will be impossible to even open a door a little. The hunger of these animals will be satisfied by me, without any food.

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