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“Since Calvary until this day, I have never seen as many graces, nor as many that have been reserved for this place where I speak to you now.” (Virgin Mary, March 16th, 1880).

“A sanctuary of the Cross and of Immaculate Mary will be raised here. This place will be venerated by all. I shall heal here body and soul through a living water.” (Our Lord Jesus-Christ August 14th,1875).

“Here is the greatness of my sanctuary. I shall be its architect. Go my angels and seraphims, cut the stones to begin.”

“That is how the secret plans will come slowly to term after long having been veiled.”

«I ask to be, while in Heaven, my friends’ little commissioner before God” (Extasy of March 4th, 1884).

Marie-Julie was born in Blain on February 12th, 1850. She was three or four years old when the Jahenny family came to settle in La Fraudais. Very pious a child, Julies-Jahenny distinguished herself with a grand love for prayer and devotion for the Cross.

At the age of 23, when she was about to die, the Blesed Virgin Mary appeared to her on two occasions to announce  her healing and to ask her whether or not she would accept to bear the wounds of her Divine Son. The stigmatization began on March 21st, 1873. Henceforth, until her death, she will live the Passion of our Lord Jesus-Christ every Friday. Marie-Julie has preented forth the most remarkable and complete stigmatization ever seen before.

Marie-Julie JAHENNY

1850 – 1941

Her life will only be from then on a successions of supernatural events : heavenly visions (she had exchanges with over 200 saints), prophesies on the future of the Church and of France, miraculous Communions, absolute fastings, discernments on blessed and non-blessed objects…

In her lifetime, Marie-Julie received the support of Monsignor Fournier and of Monsignor Le Fer de la Motte, bishop of Nantes (France) both of whom visited her often. Mgr. Fournier even went to Rome to defend her cause.

He asked to Doctor Imbert-Gourbeyre, specialist in stigmatization, to study Marie-Julie’s case. He in turn, declared, after a careful study, that… “there is no fraud in la Fraudais.”

Victim for the Holy Church, France and sinners, Marie-Julie passed away with great serenity in la Fraudais on March 4th, 1941.

Marie-Julie’s Tomb in Blain’s cemetery

Go to «Calvaire» row «D», go up on the 4th alley on the right hand. Marie Julie’s tomb will be the 11th one. 

Marie-Julie is buried with her sister Angèle. Indeed, of that sister, Our Lord would have said on the last year before her death :  "Remember that I keep intact the body of (your) sister.” Extasy of January 2nd, 1885.  Concerning Marie-Julie’s death, and the veil of the Holy Chalice placed above her during an extasy, she stated :

"I want to take it with me in the earth."

Jesus responded : 

"My daughter, I shall hide my Heart beneath this veil and It will live in your heart. Your heart will beat as before. Your love will never slow down ; you will not forget My Name while beneath the coffin’s plank; the breath of life from My Heart will be transplanted inside the tomb.”

How to come to La Fraudais ?

Go to Blain which is located in the express way between Nantes and Rennes. Then, once in Blain, take the express way in direction of Laval (N 171). After passing the last intersection circle point  (you will see on your left hand-side a shop Point P), take the first road on the left which will take you directly to la Fraudais.

Propheties which have already taken place

Since 1877 Marie-Julie has announced :

- The death of the Count of Chambord (who was supposed to save France and transmit the Throne to a legitimate heir).

- On September 15th, 1881, Marie-Julie announces with accuracy all the circumstances of Mélanie Calvat’s Death (Sheperd girl visionary of la Salette – She will die on December 15th, 1904).

- She announces the eruption of the Mount  Pelé in the island of the Martinique, then she describes it in sheer details exactly as it happens.

- She prophesizes the two world wars and Algeria‘s war of independence.

- She prophesizes the legalization of abortion and mentions its horrible consequences.

Propheties to come – Warning Signs

Marie-Julie has announced mass unemployment, insecurity inside the cities, the liberation of jail prisoners, the un-Christianization of society, climate upheaval, devastating earthquakes, and, all in all, that which the world is witnessing today :

Nothing to expect from "the pillar of mud"

The hour chosen by God is not far off, said Saint Michael, this profound terror will enhance the triumph of the new France. But this triumph can not occur before the Divine Justice has borne its full brunt on this rotten land.

Expect nothing from the one who rules like a king and who, today, is seated in similar chair as the others, chair which bears no mark of a special & greater power.

His thinking is tuned up to the one of the others, his speech to their speech, his will to their will. His power and authority are neither more than the one who is last. Do not wait for anything coming from this quarter: He does not deserve any more respect than all the rest.

In the upheaval, his voice will shout as loud as the others', against all that has been established by God... There is no fortitude in him ; they led him, they steered him. Here is the definition of that man: he his a pillar of mud. Let's be sorry for him, but no time to waste on the matter.

I give no thought to it, dear Saint Michael

To bring back the King chosen and ratified by God, it is required that all those who are at present should be swept away. (Extasy of September 29, 1878). "the pillar of mud"  Is the Hungarian translation of the name of Mr. Sarkozy

"The plans of those who rule France have for purpose to take away the labour of every workman…”

“Many plotters will call the work force (in France) to openly revolt because of the lack of labour which was the worker’s daily bread.”

“The little towns, like the big cities, will be lost by large groups of workmen who will have neither home nor refuge to seek…”

" France will furthermore become  Muslim..."

"Torrential rains will cause important delays in the French agriculture and will be one of the warning signs of this revolution to come.”

“The great universal revolution will begin first in France. It will indeed be France that will sink first into the abyss, but it will be as well France that will first come forth into the resurrection.”

“The reign of sin must end ! Never the earth nor the world will have been in such a state. All of it must end or every soul will be lost !”

“There are evil people everywhere and God knows every heart. Every place (on earth) has a destiny marked by my Son’s finger on the page of a book hidden beneath his Divine tunic.

His Mercy will be ready to let Itself be touched, but so few souls pray, and yet such a great number outrage Him…” (March 24th, 1881). ”

“I see in the sun that they want to impose a law, everywhere if at all possible : it involves the profanation of the Holy Day (Sunday). They seek to establish this profanation regularly and everywhere.”

Marie-Julie’s Mission

“I wanted to warn my people so that they wouldn’t be surprised.”

“Wait within a spirit of trust and hope. To doubt would be to offend me.”

“Be certain, France, that the days and the hours are marked in My Heart ;  a bit more time and I shall accomplish my promises !”

“I shall warn my friends through signs of nature. I shall warn them.”

“I shall know how to protect all those who are mine. I have placed the stairway from the earth to my Heart, a path which has been prepared for the difficult times to come.”

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