Cross of Pardon

Ecstasy of 20th July 1882

“I desire that my servants, right down to little children wear a Cross. This Cross will be small and in its centre it will have, what seems to be like a little white flame. This flame will show that they are sons and daughters of the Light.”

“My beloved, little friends, you will wear on yourself my adorable Cross which will protect you from all kinds of ills, big or small and later, I will bless them.

On the cross, the following names will be engraved :

- Firstly, “Croix de Pardon” “Cross of Pardon

- Secondly, “Croix du Salut” “Cross of Salvation

- Thirdly, “Croix de Sainte Protection” “Cross of Holy Protection

- Fourthly, “Croix Calme-fléaux” “Cross to Calm Tribulations.

- Finally, the following prayer should be engraved on this cross, “O God, Crucified Saviour, embrace me with love, faith and courage for the salvation of my brothers.”

Ecstasy of 15th November 1921

My little children, for all souls who are suffering, riddled with the scourge, all those who will kiss it (this Cross), will have My pardon, all those who will touch it (this Cross), will have My pardon.”

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