Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with emotion and joy that I speak to you to-day about Marie-Julie Jahenny who had the stigmata and was from La Fraudais near Blain in Brittany.

I knew her well and received great graces during her ecstasies at which I assisted.

First of all, what is the stigmata ?

Tanquerey, in his “Précis of Ascetical and Mystical Theology” says : “This phenomenon consists of a sort of impression of the sacred wounds of the Saviour on the feet, hands, side and forehead, they appear spontaneously, without provocation by any exterior wound and blood that is not corrupt flows from them periodically...

It seems to be an established fact that stigmatisation exists only with ECSTATICS and that it is preceded and accompanied by VERY GREAT suffering, physical and moral, which thus makes the subject similar to the suffering Jesus. Absence of this suffering would be a bad sign as the stigmata are just the symbol of union with the Divine Crucified One and participation with His martyrdom.

Existence of the stigmata is proved by so many witnesses, that unbelievers themselves generally admit their existence but they try to give them a natural explanation.

The signs to distinguish real stigmata of supernatural origin are the following :

1 ° The stigmata are placed in the same places where Our Lord received the five wounds, whereas the exudation of blood of those who are hypnotized is not placed in the same fashion.

2 ° Usually the renewal of wounds and sufferings of the stigmatists take place on the days or times which recall the Passion of the Saviour, such as Friday or some feast of Our Lord.

3 ° These wounds NEVER FESTER ; the blood that flows from them is pure, whereas the smallest natural wound on another part of the body suppurates, even with stigmatists. They do NOT HEAL, despite the usual remedies and sometimes persist for thirty or forty years.

4 ° They produce copious bleeding this can be noted on the first day of their appearance, but they become inexplicable the following days. The abundance of the bleeding is also inexplicable; the stigmata are generally on the surface, far away from the large blood vessels, and yet they bleed profusely !

5 ° Finally and above all these stigmata are to be found only with people who PRACTISE THE MOST HEROIC VIRTUES and who have a particulary great love of the cross.

The study of all these circumstances demonstrates well that this is not an ordinary pathological case, but that there is here the intervention of an intelligent and free cause which works on these stigmatists to make them more conformable to the Divine Crucified One.

There is therefore no possible assimilation between MYSTICAL PHENOMENA and morbid phenomena.

*   *   *

Marie-Julie was born on l2th of February 1850 at Blain in the hamlet of Coyault. Daughter of Charles Jahenny and Marie Boya, she was the eldest of five children. Her parents belonged to essentially Christian families of ‘that class of peasant who knows how to combine love of work and a simple life-style to being modestly well-off”...

Marie-Julie Jahenny - The breton stigmatist

Ref 7004 - 7 € - 82 pages – Published in 1991

ISBN 978-2-919247-00-4

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