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Two days of darkness

The Flame says :

“There will be two days of awful darkness, different from those announced. The whole sky will be violet and red, so low that the tops of big trees won’t be visible. These two days will serve as a warning to you, and be like a proof of His goodness to you, as well as proof of the imminence of God’s anger on earth.

“You will not be spared this darkness. Up until now, no soul has mentioned it, because it is not the darkness, which is known by many people.

“During those two days, the trees which still have some leaves, will be burnt – it will be as if a great fire had been lit over the entire earth. In the year, which follows, fruit trees will not produce any fruit. The rain, which will fall from this low sky, will have an awful smell and will be like hailstones of fire; wherever those hailstones will fall, a mark of a visible burn will be left behind. Your houses will be preserved, except those, which are built with very, light material.

“The water from this rain will be black, a frightening black, and almost the entire earth will be marked by this stain, but it will not harm the food of Christians.

“The Flame says that in Brittany, during those two days of darkness, a light will appear in this low sky, but it will not be seen because we won’t be allowed to put our faces to a door opening : otherwise, a burning flash of lightning will shoot down and darken the pupil of the eye...

Mean Of Protection During The Period Of Chastisement

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