The Miraculous Medal

Ecstasy of 11th November 1880

The Holy Virgin, “My children, at the moment when the path of the abyss is opening forth, I would like you to wear the prodigious medal of grace, on which is written :

“O Mary, Conceived without Sin.”

“My Son also wants all of His children, young and old, to carry on their hearts His adorable Cross, even if it should be very small. It is His Cross which He has chosen for this époque, in order to conquer those tigers devouring Christians and also as a means to help keep the faith of his loyal children.”

Ecstasy of 19th April 1823

“My little spouses, I assure you that by touching your forehead with an image or sweet medal of My Immaculate Mother, all your apprehensions and fears will vanish. Your spirit will remain calm, your intelligence will not feel the terrible effects of my great justice. Either a picture of the Immaculate Virgin, or a medal of ‘Mary conceived without sin’ – this beautiful invocation which delights all Heaven and makes my Holy Mother smile.”

“My loving, little souls, the easiest remedy in order to make you strong and to protect you is as follows : procure for yourselves a blessed medal on which is drawn my adorable Divine Cross and a blessed medal of My Divine Heart. My little spouses, you will steep these two images, whether made out of cardboard, paper or metal, in a glass of water. You will drink some of this water, which is blessed and purified twice over. One drop alone in your food, one very little drop will be enough to keep away, not the scourge, but the scourges of My justice, which have been promised for such a long time to the guilty people.”

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